Chimera Apartment / 混合獸公寓

The site is located between downtown Philadelphia and UPenn campus along the river. Due to the different architectural style between this 2 areas, the concept is to study how would it affect architecture if hybriding all these different chracters onto this interface space. Start with analysing the characters from these 2 area, turing them into parameters with specific strategy. By using digital software AI, the software tool generates a 3D form, we analyze the form and retrieve the part that can be formed as a architectural spaces which give birth to this chimera at this certain site. The goal of this experimental design studio is to hope by using digital tools, architects are able to defined or study more possibilities of architectural dsesign method.

基地位於費城是市中心與賓州大學交界之運河旁, 由於學區與市中心都市規劃與建築形式迥異, 概念是探討在基地這樣的中間介面上, 將會混何出什麼樣的建築行為. 開始先分析兩地基地特性, 轉化為參數定設定規則指令, 利用AI人工智慧軟體跑出某3D形體. 最後將此形體分析並擷取可轉化為建築設計的空間. 此設計為實驗性設計研究, 希望藉由數位軟體的輔助, 提供建築設計更多可能性。