Filling Urbanism / 填充城市 (高架健康中心)

Overpass Traffic systems penetrate Taipei City, but the space under the overpasses has always been abandoned and left behind. We defined height and speed as the character of the site and try to accorporate them into the design program, filling treadmill, stationary bike ( health club) and also artificial green spaces into Taipei Civil Overpass. On one hand we utilize human speed activities to compare with automobile speed as a inetersting phenamenon, on the other hand we try to transform the abandoned area into a city pocket park, activating possible city leisure spaces.

台北市由許多快速高架道路貫穿其中, 橋下空間常常成為閒置及無法利用的城市遺棄場所. 利用基地的高度與速度特性, 將跑步機, 腳踏車機(健身房)及人工公園植入台北市東區的市民大道段. ㄧ方面製造人們跑步運動與汽機車速度競爭的快感, 另ㄧ方面將原本城市不願面對的橋下空間, 植入人工綠化空間. 使橋下變身為人群聚集的都市口袋公園.