Chuan-Chih Chang / 張全智



Chuan-Chih Chang Graduated from Tamkang University, and studied at University of Pennsylvania for architecture master degree. Traveled through America continent after graduation, seeks new meaning for architectural spaces and then stayed LA for professional practice. During working at ARQUITECTONICA, Mr. Chang has the chances to work with Principle Bernardo Fort-Brescia, FAIA on multiple types of projects such as apartments, schools, hotels, resort & shopping center and museums etc, and entitled as project architect at LA firm.

After coming back to Taiwan, Mr. Chang experienced in different design fields, such as lecturing in university, writing architectural articles for global design magazines, also worked in well known architectural firms in Taiwan and been involved in designing famous private projects and the plannings of public constructions. Mr. Chang was also invited for the 2013 PechaKucha 20X20 Designers Night for design concept speech.

Based on the experience worldwide, Mr. Chang and the BBC Architects has been keep involving in multiple public and ptivate projetcs.These projects also been published on Taiwan and international design media and magazines. We belive the essence thinking of architectures should not imitate the international style worldwide. Design should be based on local culture essence and then represented and redefined by modern skills, so that the design has a statement, and the space can be defined.


台灣淡江大學建築系畢業,之後前往美國賓州大學攻讀建築碩士。畢業後旅行橫跨美國東西岸,尋找建築空間的新定義。最後落腳於洛杉磯工作,於ARQUITECTONICA事務所工作,參與住宅、學校、旅館、休閒購物中心及博物館等各類案子。 工作期間常直接與主持建築師Bernardo Fort-Brescia, FAIA 進行設計討論,並成為洛杉磯分公司亞裔專案建築師。回台灣後,亦於大學擔任教職,替設計雜誌撰稿,並於國內知名建築師事務所擔任職務,參與知名建案與大型公共工程之設計規劃。2012年創辦筑築方設計有限公司2013年獲邀參加Pechakucha 20x20 設計師之夜,談論設計執行的態度及理念。2015創辦張全智建築師事務所期間陸續獲請參加台灣各大專院校建築學系之講座及評圖評審。至此,BBC Architects 持續參與規劃各類型公共與私人建築設計案及室內設計案,作品常獲邀刊登於國內外建築設計媒體雜誌,獲得業界一片好評。



Educational Background

  • 美國費城 賓州大學建築碩士
    Master of Architecture, May, 2004
    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • 台灣淡江大學建築學士
    Bachelor of Architecture, May, 2001
    TamKang University, Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Experience

  • 2016 CCChang Architects / 張全智建築師事務所
    Architect / 主持建築師
  • 2012 BBC Architects / 筑築方設計有限公司
    Founder and Partner / 合夥創辦人
  • 2011~2012 HOY Architects / 華業建築師事務所
    Project Architect / 專案建築師
    Project Architect / 專案建築師
  • 2004 Abramson Teiger Archiects, LA, USA
    Project Designer / 專案設計師
  • 2010~ Presisent School of Architecture, Chung-Yuan Christian University / 中原大學建築系
    Lecturer / 兼任講師

Professional Certificate

  • USA Registered Architect /美國註冊建築師
  • ROC Registered Architect / 中華民國註冊建築師